Montana News

Hot Springs community search for cause of meth addiction
2/12/2015 - Char-Koosta News
Anti-meth mural installed by students at Big Sky High School
1/30/2015 - Missoulian
Gazette opinion: Montana kids suffer parents' drug abuse
1/5/2014 - Billings Gazette
Community Update and Panel Discussion on Meth Use in Billings
10/20/2014 - KULR 8
Guest opinion: Montana Meth Project takes on growing drug threat
10/10/2014 - Billings Gazette
Yellowstone County Attorney: Meth 'the No. 1 threat to public safety'
9/7/2014 - Missoulian
Cascade County law enforcement reports spike in meth use
6/5/2014 - 3
Montana Meth Project keeps fighting to educate
2/12/2014 - 3
Meth mural goes up at East Middle School
11/25/2013 - The Montana Standard
Montana Meth Project launches prescription drug abuse campaign
10/23/2013 - Missoulian
Officials detail Bakken drug ring bust
10/11/2013 -
12 indicted for allegedly distributing meth in Bakken, other parts of Montana
10/9/2013 - Missoulian
Feds say Mexican drug cartels operating in Bakken oil towns
7/20/2013 - Missoulian
"Meth Project Foundation joins The Partnership at"
3/13/2013 - Billings Gazette
"Hellgate Students Decorate Graffiti Mural With Anti-Meth Message"
11/29/2012 - Missoulian
"Hellgate Mural to Help Mark National Meth Awareness Day"
11/29/2012 - KPAX/CBS
"Study Finds Montana Meth Project Effective"
3/9/2012 - Great Falls Tribune
"Montana Meth Project Brings New Campaign to Missoula School"
3/9/2012 - The Missoulian
"Evergreen Students Learn About the Grim Effects of Meth"
2/19/2012 - Daily Inter Lake
"Montana Meth Project Takes Campaign to Kalispell"
2/17/2012 - KAJ18 Kalispell Montana News
"Montana Meth Project Outlines Dangers of Widespread Drug"
1/20/2012 - West Yellowstone News
"Montana Meth Project 30 min Special"
1/20/2012 - Hello Montana
"Montana Meth Project Promotes Prevention"
12/01/2011 - The e-newsletter of the COPS Office
"Montana Meth Project Unveils New Campaign"
11/8/2011 - Billings Gazette
"New Website at Heart of Montana Meth Project"
11/8/2011 - Helena Independent Record
"Our Crystal Meth Hell"
9/23/2011 -
"Graphic Ads Turn Around Montana Teen Meth Use"
9/20/2011 - CBS Evening News
"Rocky Mountain HIDTA Drug Market Analysis 2011"
9/1/2011 - The National Drug Intelligence Center
"Montana Meth Worries Linger, Despite Past Victories"
8/20/2011 - Great Falls Tribune
"Addicted in Hollywood: Crystal Meth Gaining Popularity Due to Price, Easy Access"
8/08/2011 -
"Oscar Winning Cinematographer Has Montana Connection"
2/28/2011 -, Billings
"Barron's Tags Meth Project as Top Program"
12/8/2010 - Helena Independent Record
"Barron's Recognizes Meth Project"
12/6/2010 - Billings Gazette
"Meth Project Honored Among World's Top Philanthropies"
12/6/2010 -
"'The 25 Best Givers' - Meth Project Ranked #3 Among Foundations Worldwide"
12/4/2010 - Barron's
"Meth Art Winner Uses Rodeo Theme"
8/21/2010 - Helena Independent Record
"Custer County Student Wins Meth Project's Paint The State Contest"
8/20/2010 - Missoulian
"14-Year-old Records Anti-Meth Rap Song"
8/19/2010 - Billings Gazette
"Shock Ads: Do They Work?"
7/28/2010 - ABC News/ Nightline
"Montana Meth Project's Paint the State Art on Display"
7/19/2010 - Great Falls
"Monstrous Entry at Mall Highlights Paint the State Contest"
7/16/2010 - Billings
"Great Falls Teens 'Paint the State' to Fight Meth"
7/14/2010 -
"Young Artists Use Paint Brushes to Battle Meth Takes Artistic Turn in Paint the State"
7/7/2010 - Great
"Paint the State"
6/30/2010 - Montana
"Summer Project: Paint the State"
6/15/2010 - Helena Independent Record
"Judges Added to MT Meth Project Paint the State"
5/10/2010 - KPAX-TV
"Meth Project Starts to 'Paint the State' at Big Sky"
4/16/2010 - Missoulian
"Meth Project Revives Art Contest"
4/16/2010 - Helena Independent Record
"Meth Still Grips, But Doesn't Strangle, Montana"
2/4/2010 - Voice of America
"Anti-meth Ads Take Softer Tone"
1/14/2010 - Helena Independent Record
"Montana Meth Project Unveils Latest Campaign"
1/13/2010 -, ABC News Channel 5
"New Anti-meth Ads Premiere in Billings School"
1/13/2010 - Billings Gazzette
"Meth Project Proves Effective"
12/13/2009 - Helena Independent Record
"'The 25 Best Givers' - Meth Project Ranked #5 among Foundations Worldwide"
11/30/2009 - Barron's
"Meth Project Foundation Gets High Barron's Rank"
11/30/2009 - Billings Gazette
"Don't Allow Methamphetamine to Ruin Your Life"
9/2/2009 - Psychology Today
"Teen Meth Use Down"
7/2/2009 -
"Survey Finds Fewer Teens Using Meth"
7/2/2009 - Associated Press
"Survey Finds Fewer Teens Using Meth"
7/2/2009 - Billings Gazette
"Survey: Meth Use Down in Montana"
7/2/2009 - Montana's News
"New Director Outlines Goals of Montana Meth Project"
6/4/2009 - Great Falls Tribune
"Slaughter Takes Lead for Meth Project"
6/4/2009 - Helena Independent Record
"Preserve Funding for Montana Meth Project"
4/24/2009 - KRTV-TV, Great Falls
"Anti-Meth Documentary"
4/24/2009 -
"State's Largest Teen Demonstration Captured in Meth Project Documentary"
4/21/2009 - Helena Independent Record
"March Against Meth Documentary to Air"
4/12/2009 - Billings Gazette
"Senate Panel Shifts Stimulus Education Money"
4/8/2009 - Associated Press
"Montana Meth Project Works, Deserves Our Support"
3/9/2009 - Great Falls Tribune
"March at the Capitol"
2/17/2009 - KULR-TV, Billings
"2,300 Teens Participate in March Against Meth"
2/16/2009 - KRTV-TV, Great Falls
"Largest Youth Demonstration in Montana's History"
2/16/2009 - KFBB-TV, Great Falls
"Thousands March Against Meth"
2/16/2009 - Helena Independent Record
"Students Head to Helena for March Against Meth"
2/16/2009 - Billings Gazette
"Montana Teens Get Ready to Storm Capitol"
2/15/2009 - KULR-TV, Billings
"Meth Campaign Wise Investment"
2/5/2009 - Montana Standard (Butte)
"Meth Abuse Costs U.S. $23.4 Billion"
2/4/2009 - KFBB-TV
"March Against Meth to Lobby For the Montana Meth Project"
1/26/2009 - Great Falls Tribune
"Gazette Opinion: Montana Teens Set For March Against Meth"
1/19/2009 - Billings Gazette
"Fighting For a Cause"
1/5/2009 - Daily Inter Lake
"Massive March Planned in Helena on Presidents Day"
12/30/2008 - Flathead Beacon
"Meth Project Pressing For More Funding"
12/14/2008 - Helena Independent Record
"Former Meth User Shares Story at Conference"
10/17/2008 - The Missoulian
"Montana Meth Project Launches New Effort"
10/17/2008 -
"Montana Meth Project Unveiling Petition Drive For Governor and Legislature Today"
10/16/2008 - Northern News Network
"Most Say Meth Ad Should Have Been Kept"
5/12/08 - Helena Independent Record
"Gazette Opinion: We Need to Get the Real Picture of Meth"
5/5/2008 - Billings Gazette
"Gazette Opinion: Montana Campaigns Curb Meth's Toll"
4/6/2008 - Billings Gazette
"Ad Campaign Exposes Deadly Face of Meth"
4/2/2008 - Helena Independent Record
"IR View: Meth Project Proving Itself"
4/2/2008 - Helena Independent Record
"Meth Project Founder Pitches Effort"
3/5/2008 - Billings Gazette
"Gazette Opinion: Here's a Chance to Double Your Money in
State's Fight Against Meth"

11/7/2007 - Great Falls Tribune
"Viewpoints: Take a Stand in Montana's Ongoing Battle Against Meth"
11/5/2007 - Billings Gazette
"Gazette Opinion: Progress in Fighting Meth"
9/20/2007 - Billings Gazette
"Scourge of Meth is Waning"
9/19/2007 - Helena Independent Record
"Survey: Montana Meth Use Plummets"
9/19/2007 - Lee Newspapers story
"Teens Say They Have Easy Access to Meth"
9/19/2007 - Cox News Service
"Siebel Touts Project's Success"
7/20/2007 - Helena Independent Record
"Siebel Says Meth Project Raised $500,000, But Needs More..."
7/19/07 - The Associated Press
"Meth Project Ads Bring in Honors"
7/14/2007 - Billings Gazette
"Montana Meth Funding Advances"
6/29/2007 - Billings Gazette
"Baucus, Tester Pushing for Drought Relief, Montana Meth Funding"
6/29/2007 - Great Falls Tribune
"Montana Provides a Blueprint"
6/22/2007 - Kingman Daily Miner
"FBI Honors Siebel for Meth Project Work"
6/6/2007 - Great Falls Tribune
"Speakers: Montana Breaking Free from Meth"
6/5/2007 - Billings Gazette
"Idaho Ups Campaign to Fight Meth Use"
5/20/2007 - Idaho Press Tribune
"'Paint the State 2006' 56-Page Book Features More Than 100 Images From Last Year's State-wide Competition"
5/28/2007 - Great Falls Tribune
"Paint the State Announces Book Publication"
5/9/2007 - Havre Daily News
"Powerful Messages Produced in Print Book Documents 'Paint the State' Art Campaign"
5/5/2007 - Daily Inter Lake
"'Paint the State' Art Featured in Book"
5/1/2007 - Independent Record (Helena)
"Your Turn"
4/13/2007 - Independent Record
"On Our Minds"
4/9/2007 - Great Falls Tribune
"Idaho News Now: Gritty MT Meth Ads Grab Attention"
3/21/2007 - KTVB-TV (NBC) Idaho
"Gazette Opinion: Lifetime of Community Commitment"
3/19/2007 - Billings Gazette
"HBO Documentary Airs Today"
3/18/2007 - Daily Inter Lake
"ABC Show Examines 'Montana Meth'"
3/17/2007 - Billings Gazette
"Gritty HBO Film Depicts Life as Lived by Addicts"
3/16/2007 - Billings Gazette
"Gazette Opinion: Montanans Getting Smarter About Drugs"
3/13/2007 - Billings Gazette
"Montana Meth Project Unveils New Advertisements"
3/8/2007 - Montana's News Station (CBS)
"Anti-Meth Group to Launch New Ads"
3/8/2007 - Independent Record (Helena)
"Montana Meth Project Unveils 3rd Hard-Hitting Anti-Drug Campaign"
3/8/2007 - Great Falls Tribune
"Tell the Truth: A $12 Million Anti-Meth Lesson"
3/2/2007 - Times-News (Idaho)
"Meth Project Founder Pledges Money for Montana's Future"
3/1/2007 - Montana's News Station (CBS)
2/16/2007 - KPAX-TV, Montana's News Station (CBS)
2/15/2007 - KECI-TV (NBC)
"Meth Movie Pulls No Punches, Airs at Wilma, on HBO"
2/11/2007 - Missoulian
"Prepare Yourself for 'Montana Meth': HBO Film Is a Terrifying Look at a Lethal Drug"
"Otter Let's Anti-Meth Ads Speak for Themselves"
2/1/2007 - Idaho Statesman
"Montana's Making Headway Against War on Meth"
1/25/2007 - Montana's News Station (CBS)
"Meth Use Declines in State, Report Shows"
1/25/2007 - Billings Gazette
"Report: Meth Use Declining"
1/25/2007 - Independent Record (Helena)
"Report: Meth Use Declining"
1/25/2007 - Missoulian
"Billings School District Survey"
1/22/2007 - KTVQ-TV, Montana's News Station (CBS)
"State Legislators Get Grim View of Meth Use in Documentary"
1/11/2007 - Billings Gazette
"Montana Meth Effort Finds Home on HBO"
1/11/2007 - Great Falls Tribune
"Presentation to State Legislature"
1/11/2007 - KTVQ-TV, Montana's News Station (CBS)
"Mike Gulledge Steps in as Montana Meth Project Chairman"
11/16/2006 - KTVQ-TV, Montana's News Station (CBS)
"Mike Gulledge Steps in as Montana Meth Project Chairman"
11/16/2006 - KPAX-TV, Montana's News Station (CBS)
"Meth Project Gets New Director, $5m Challenge Grant"
11/16/2006 - Independent Record (Helena)
"Meth Use in Montana Dropping"
10/26/2006 - Montana's News Station
"Meth Project Gets Justified National Accolades"
10/19/2006 - Great Falls Tribune
"Drug Czar Honors Siebel's Gritty Montana Meth Project"
10/17/2006 - Great Falls Tribune
"White House Cites Montana Meth Project as Model for Nation"
10/17/2006 - Missoulian
"Office of National Drug Control Policy (ONDCP) Press Conference"
10/17/2006 - KECI-TV (NBC)
"Office of National Drug Control Policy (ONDCP) Press Conference"
10/17/2006 - KPAX-TV, Montana's News Station (CBS)
"Office of National Drug Control Policy (ONDCP) Press Conference"
10/17/2006 - KULR-TV, Montana's News Station (NBC)
"White House Commends Montana Meth Project"
10/16/2006 - Great Falls Tribune
"Meth Project Gets New Director, $5m Challenge Grant"
10/16/2006 - Independent Record (Helena)
"The Art and Heart of 'Paint the State'"
8/23/2006 - Montana Standard
"Grim Warning: Montana Meth Project Designs Public-art Campaign to Capture Attention and Change Lives"
7/14/2006 - The Daily Interlake
"The Siebel Brand"
September/October 2006 - Montana Magazine
"Tweaking The Message"
5/1/2006 - The Missoulian
"Survey Says Anti-meth Ads Hitting Home"
4/20/2006 - Missoulian
"Montana Meth Project Kicks Off 2nd Wave of Ads"
4/20/2006 - The Billings Gazette
"Encouraged by First-round Results, Anti-meth Ad Campaign Resumes"
4/20/2006 - Great Falls Tribune
"We Can't Drop the Ball on Meth"
3/22/2006 - Helena Independent Record
"Tuesday's Meeting Important"
3/19/2006 - Helena Independent Record
"Meth Project Founder will Speak at Tuesday Meeting"
3/17/2006 - Helena Independent Record
"Letter: Please Bring Back Anti-meth Commercials"
3/15/2006 - Billings Gazette
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